Are you a total geek? Probably, you’re reading this blog after all. Well here’s another question for you: Are you interested in wearable tech but disappointed with what’s in the market right now? If you’ve answered yes to that second question then you should probably look into Helix.


Helix is the world’s first wearable cuff with integrated stereo bluetooth headphones. This is truly a device that’s worthy of the wearable part of wearable tech since it’s fashionable and can easily go with nearly any look. That’s not the best part about Helix, though. That honor is reserved to the fact that Helix ends the nightmare of always tangled earbuds by allowing you to have easy access to high quality earbuds wherever you are.

As you’d expect with such a fashionable device, Helix comes in a large number of color options ranging from black and silver to red and gold. It’s a great unisex gift for the significant other in your life so make sure you preorder today so you can have it in time for the Holidays!

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Helix Is The World's First Wearable Cuff With Integrated Bluetooth Headphones
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