Our life depends so much on batteries—for smartphones, tablets, cameras, and so on. But do you know what else do we need? Entertainment from a battery pack.

Well, not really. But Hasbro is upping the charging game with their battery pack that transforms into  Optimus Prime.


Yes, the alpha of the Autobots will now charge your devices.

This pack is loaded with 6500 mAh capacity, enough to charge your iPhone 7 about three times, and has the Autobot logo for extra coolness.

Now for the fun part, in case you have a lot of free time and want to show off something to your friends, Optimus Prime’s sword will light up if you connect a flat USB to it. It could be impractical but awesome.

Get yours on September 8 at the HasCon in Rhode Islands.

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Hasbro’s New Battery Pack is not Just a Battery Pack
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