Everything’s going, albeit slowly, electric: cars, buses, large power tools, etc. But, says you, “an all-electric, competition-grade street bike?!”

The Hustler X5 is indeed a electric street bike – an 80+ mph one in ‘Competition’ mode, that is. Sure, it’s no conventional gas bike, but we challenge you to find a better all-electric one at this price that’ll top 80. A 14-speed, competition class bike that’s propelled by four Li-ion AllCell batteries, a mid-mounted Crystalyte 5303 motor in tow, the X5 is truly a part of the new, exciting movement that’s shifting away from Earth-killing fossil fuels and slowly coming into cleaner, more responsible forms of energy. And besides its emission-less powerplant, the Hustler X5 (how that’s for a manly name?!) boasts a 200+ mile range and features:

  • A mere 120lb curb weight
  • Tubeless, 20″ x “8 tires
  • A 4.5lb, aircraft aluminum frame
  • Quad-piston Brembo (the best in the biz, by the way) brakes
  • Full instrument cluster
  • Countless individual customization options

Available in white, black, or other custom color, the X5 is, let’s just put it out there, one sick-lookin’ ride.

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Hanebrink Hustler X5
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