If you think about your home right now, the chances are you’re generally satisfied – but are trying to avoid thinking about all those little jobs that you keep meaning to get done.

You know the ones we mean – the door that squeaks, the picture frame that’s slightly crooked, and the leak that you know is somewhere and should really be actioned before it becomes an issue. Then, there are the bigger tasks that you’d dearly love to tackle yourself, but feel that you lack the appropriate apparatus.

Don’t just reach for the Yellow Pages and call in a professional tradesman to deal with these problems and household tasks – you’d be astonished at the sheer number of handyman tools that can be picked up to work on these projects yourself.

Here in this list, we have compiled basic household tools, hand tools, power tools, & handyman tools that any man should keep in his garage, tool shed or car – tools that will be relevant for anybody, regardless of whether you live in a mansion or a small apartment.

All of these items are available on Amazon at low prices, so there’s no excuse not to start tackling those DIY projects yourself! Now, without further ado, let’s start taking a look at what gear you should start to collate.

DBPOWER 600A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

hand tools

Nobody wants to be stuck on a roadside and reliant on AAA if they can help it, so a jump starter kit is essential for any car. The DBPOWER 600A is small and portable, ensuring that it will fit in a car glove box, but don’t be deterred by these convenient proportions – this hand tool can jumpstart your vehicle and have you mobile again up to thirty times from a single charge, as well juicing up your cell phone, Sat Nav, laptop, and any other electrical appliance you may take on the road with you. Priced at just $69.99, you can pick up the DBPOWER 600A from Amazon today.

Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 60W 110V Adjustable Temperature

hand tools

There comes a time in every man’s life that he’ll need a soldering iron for household repair work and tinkering with electrical items, and you won’t find a more complete package than this kit from Tabiger. Containing five interchangeable heads and adjustable temperature settings – all of which is packed in a small a convenient storage box – this is the ideal addition to your handyman tools whether you’re an experienced soldering workman or someone looking to learn the skill for the first time. Best of all, the Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit is priced at an extremely reasonable $17.99.

80 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

hand tools

We may live in a disposable society in which we trash our electrical appliances at the first sign of a fault, but wouldn’t you prefer to relish the challenge of fixing them yourself? That will be made significantly more enjoyable by this screwdriver set, which ensures that you’ll never be able to bemoan a lack of appropriate tools again. All stored in a handy carry case, this Syntus collection collates eye-watering screwdriver heads, as well as tweezers, rulers, picks that you may need – all at an excellent price of just $24.99. It’s impossible to find a more cost-effective way of repairing your possessions, and you can’t put a price on the satisfaction that will bring.

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Illuminated Multi-Power LED Head Magnifier

hand tools

How many times have you found yourself working on a very precise corner of a woodwork project or electrical repair, using a magnifying glass to really to focus on your task at hand and clenching a pocket torch between your teeth? Wouldn’t it be much easier to keep both hands free? For just $12.07, this headband touch and magnifier will wrap around your forehead and provide four different strengths of magnifying lenses, which can be combined to increase visibility by up to 8.3 times the actual size - all which shining a light upon the source of your work.

Stanley Mixed Tool Set – 210 Piece Hand Tools

hand tools

If you’re new to the realm of DIY and are keen to start bolstering your arsenal, there is only one place to start – for a mere $84.11, this mixed tool set from Stanley will fully equip you with everything you’ll need to get started. Containing a selection of chrome screwdrivers, pliers, cutting knives, wrenches, sockets and more (totaling a stunning 210 pieces – all of which are neatly and carefully stored in a provided carry case), this mixed tool set is perfect for anybody with so much as a passing interest in DIY or mechanics; hang this in your garage and you’ll be ready for anything.

ORIA 129 Piece Household Hand Tools Kit

hand tools

You won’t find a better bargain than the $37.99 asking price of this Oria toolkit, which contains 129 household essentials for any form of home repairs and improvements. All stored in a helpful carry case, purchasing this package will equip you with a hammer, spirit level, pliers, screwdriver and multiple heads, tape measure, cutting knife and much, much more. If you need to affix a new shelf, hang a picture frame, rebalance a fitted fixture or any other basic household task that ends up on your weekend to-do list, this little box will contain everything you will need and more besides.

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Dewalt Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2 inch Compact Drill Driver Kit

A quality cordless drill is a must-have for any homeowner. Whether you need to hang something on the wall, drill a hole into an existing surface to thread a plug extension through or undertake a woodworking project, sometimes a screwdriver simply won’t do. This DeWalt electric drill is lightweight at just 3.6lb, and perfect for those fiddly and pernickety jobs that require a more precise hand. The drill comes with two speeds, and an LED light built-in to shine upon your workspace. At just $99, picking up this tool will resolve all kinds of issues surrounding the need to create small and compact holes in cramped locations.

Craftsman 100 Piece Drilling and Driving Kit

hand tools

So, you’ve picked up your cordless drill – but what comes next? The drill itself is just part of the process, as every hole has the requirement of a different sized drill bit or driver, and precision is often key. This 100-piece drilling kit will not contain the drill itself, but it’s the only selection of attachments that you will ever need; you’ll find heads in a vast selection of sizes, all of which are clearly labeled, that will resolve any masonry, wood or metal drilling needs that may arise. At a cost of $19.70, you can buy once in confidence and never have to worry about finding the right apparatus again.

Stanley Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set, 8-Piece Hand Tools

hand tools

All screwdrivers are not created equal, as this selection from Stanley will testify – sometimes, the small kits that you receive in a holiday cracker are simply not up to the task at hand. For a mere $20.65 this set provides eight disparate screwdrivers of different shapes and sizes, all of which come with firm, cushioned grips that will prevent hand fatigue. If you are seeking a quality set of screwdrivers that will last a lifetime, look no further than this Stanley collection - you’ll always be able to count on these items when required, no matter how long that have sat on a shelf.

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Dewalt 20-Volt MAX LED Flashlight

A quality, high-impact flashlight will always pay for itself in the longer term, as any errors in workmanship caused by poor lighting can lead to a very high repair bill. This particular flashlight, coming in the familiar striking yellow-and-black associated with DIY giants DeWalt, offers light that shines several hundred yards away through 20-volts of power – all attached to a battery-powered, cordless flashlight. You won’t find that kind of impact on a pocket torch. Weighing in at just 10oz, however, this light is still perfectly portable – perfect for outdoor use, either as a security measure or whilst on a camping vacation. The asking price is $49.

Black+Decker 3.6 Vold 3-Position Rechargeable Screwdriver

While a set of manual screwdrivers is undeniably an essential tool in any arsenal, sometimes wrist power just isn’t enough – you’ll need the additional force provided by an electric-powered alternative. This model from Black and Decker is at the very top of the range and will speed up the process of tightening or loosening the fixtures and fittings found around the home – including self-assembly furniture. Priced at just $15.29 and weighing as little as 7oz, you’ll be able to move from room to room with ease using this cordless electrical screwdriver thanks to the long-lasting rechargeable battery, and you can even double up its use by adding a small drill bit for the creation of small holes.

Stanley 201-Piece Mechanics Socket Set

hand tools

Whether you’re an established gearhead or simply interested in learning the art of working on an automobile, for pastimes are more pleasurable than tinkering with a car in a garage. If you’re going to do that, however, you’ll need the best possible tools for your trade, and this Stanley collection collates everything you could ever need for just $77.99. With 201 pieces contained in the box, including ratchets, bolts, sockets, and adapters – all of which are clearly labeled and housed within a neat carry case – you’ll be able to get work on an engine wherever you may be with this mechanics tool set.

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Performance Tool 100 Piece Hand Tools Screwdriver Set

hand tools

Performance Tool is one of the most established providers of hardware in the world, and that reputation is firmly deserved on the basis of this screwdriver set. Collating a vast selection of rubber-handled, zinc-metal screwdrivers and a number of different heads, ratchets and bits into one soft carry case (that’s 100 different screwdriver sizes in total), you will never struggle to find the appropriate tool to match your screws again with this kit – it’s the perfect combination of precise accuracy and brute power. The set costs a mere $39.02, and weighs just 14oz, meaning that you will be able to carry it between jobs with a minimum of fuss.

Performance Tool 22pc SAE/Metric Combo Wrench Set

hand tools

If you were impressed by Performance Tool’s screwdriver selection you’ll really love this wrench set; 22 different wrenches (both SAE and Metric sized), slotted into a convenient plastic rack-carrying tool, for just $30.27. Load these up onto the back of your truck if you are a tradesperson, or simply store them in a garage or tool shed for home use, safe in the knowledge that the quality metals used will not rust or break, and you’ll always have easy access to the wrench that you need – sizes begin as small as 1/4 and stretch as far as 7/8.

TEKTON 30-Piece Hex Key Wrench Hand Tools Set

hand tools

Finding the appropriate wrench key to remove a socket around the home or car can be a real drag, but this set from Tekton will make life considerably easier. Boasting 30 different wrenches for just $12.79, all of which are clearly marked, labeled and defined, you’ll never struggle to bleed a radiator or change the caps on an appliance again with this set. Toss away or donate your mismatched and unlabeled set if wrenches and pick up this impressive selection today – your life will be made considerably easier by the decision!

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TEKTON 24-Inch Flexible Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

We’ve all been there at one time of our lives or another. You’re busy at work on repairing something – whether that’s within the hood of your car or bent over a workstation in your garage or tool shed – and in one motion you have knocked over a pot of screws or other metallic objects. Nightmare – especially when they end up falling into nooks and crannies that human arms and hands are not designed to reach! This 7oz flexible magnetic tool can be bent into shape to attract all those loose items and bring them back to safety, without you needing to dislocate your shoulder attempting to reach them – and at just $6.75, you can’t afford not to have it in your tool cupboard.

EZTool Watch Repair Tool Kit & Jaxa Wrench

hand tools

Picture the scene - you have a glorious watch that’s your pride and joy, presented to you as a gift by your wife or girlfriend on a special occasion, and for some reason, it simply will not work any longer. Heartbreaking for all concerned, right? Sure, you could take a chance by dropping it onto a repair shop and hope it comes back operational and unscratched – or you could experience the joy of fixing it yourself with this toolkit, priced at just $24.87. The kit contains everything you’ll need to learn and undertake this new skill and hobby, including a how-to manual, and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of use from it be repairing old clocks and watches throughout the home.

Cut Resistant Gloves

The use of knives can be dangerous for a number of reasons, and if you’re preparing food, whittling wood or anything else that involves the use of a sharp blade you should seek the appropriate protection. For just $7.99, these lightweight gloves – manufactured from materials four times stronger than standard leather, and available in a range of colors and sizes – will prevent any unwelcome trips to the ER, and save a small fortune in Band-Aids. The gloves can be machine-washed, and are so light you’ll forget you’re wearing them – until you accidentally trail a knife across your hand, and enjoy the protection they provide.

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Dremel 120-Volt Variable-Speed Rotary Tool with 50 Accessories

Every aspiring handyman should have power tools such as a rotary tool in his collection if only for the vast array of services such a device can provide. Whether it’s carving or engraving wood, cutting unwanted or unnecessary length from a metal such as screws, applying a polishing head for those hard-to-reach areas of craft projects, or even smoothing or sharpening your appliances such as lawnmower blades or trimming shears, this rotary tool can do the lot – all for just $149. Battery operated, the tool is entirely cordless and weighs in at a little under 6lb in total – including the solid carry case that keeps the fifty different components together and secure.

Workx Workxsaw 4-1/2 Inch Compact Circular Saw

Few DIY tasks are more satisfying than laying a piece of wood, steel or masonry flat on a workbench and slicing through it with a circular saw, but you’ll need to ensure that you have the appropriate machinery to do the job right. Enter the Worx Worxsaw, a compact 6lb 4.5″ blade that will enable you to effortless lop unwanted ends from plywood like a hot knife through butter – no more exhausting yourself. Priced at just $57, this saw is perfect for yourself and any members of your family with smaller hands that may also wish to borrow it.

Black & Decker 20V Max Drill/Driver, Circular & Reciprocating Saw Combo Kit

While the Worx mini-saw is small but perfectly formed, this Black and Decker alternative is … well, pretty much just perfect. Should you choose to lay down $128.90 on this product you will receive 20 volts of juice to power a drill and drill bit, circular saw, reciprocating saw, and a built-in LED torch to shed some light onto your workplace. Whether you need to lop the ends from wood or metal, utilize some light drilling around the house, shorten nails or screws or just about any other home and garden task that you can imagine, this combo kit has you covered – all in a light, cordless package with impressive battery life.

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Black & Decker Matrix Wide-Mouth Storage Bag

So you have purchased many of the fine tools on this list, and are enjoying the many and varied benefits they provide, but your wife is yelling at you for leaving your toys unpacked around the house. The solution comes in the form of this storage bag, which weighs just 3.4lbs when empty but contains a plastic base and numerous dividers to keep your tools secure and separate when not in use, in addition to a shoulder strap for ease of carrying. At just $30.99, it’s the most cost-effective and simple way of keeping your tools clean and transportable at a moment’s notice.

Black & Decker Matrix 6 Tool Combo Kit with Case

If you have invested in the bag above the chances are you’ll be keen for a new tool to christen it, and as serendipity would have it, the bag is the perfect size for a Matrix Combi. This wondrous device contains a powerful core that can welcome a range of different attachment heads – including a drill driver, sander, jigsaw, screwdriver, and oscillator – all of which are included in the package – or most other Black and Decker accessories that you may already own. This could well be the most functional and oft-used item that any home DIY enthusiast ever pays $179.91 for.

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

hand tools

If you were ever a boy scout you will be fully aware of just how helpful a Swiss army knife could be, and this pair of pliers is the equivalent for any fully-grown handyman about town. In addition to a strong pair of butterfly pliers, this Gerber design offers a variety of small screwdriver heads (including a Philips), wire cutter, scissors and the oh-so-helpful can and bottle openers. You could purchase all of these items separately for significantly more than the $26.84 asking price of these pliers, or you could everything at your fingertips in one lightweight tool. We know what we’d recommend.

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Worx Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table & Sawhorse with Quick Clamps and Holding Pegs

No matter what tools you pick up, and regardless of whether you are a DIY novice or professional, an appropriate worktable is an essential. As luck would have it, labor surfaces do not come much better than this $99 offering from Worx. Light enough to fold up and move outdoors or to a worksite if necessary, but just as stable if kept static in a tool shed or garage, this work table can support wood and metal of all sizes and weights; the clamps are able to stretch to 18.5 inches, while the dimensions stand to around 85cm high and 70cm wide.

Etekcity Digital Multimeter

If you’re keen to work with electron devices, it’s important to ensure that you are doing so safely. This hand tool, which can test voltage for both professional or hobby use, will be key to achieving this – and it can also be indispensable for checking a wall for live power before attacking it with a drill. If you need to measure voltage or current around your home or car, or even just wish to test whether your failed appliance is down to a dead fuse rather than anything more permanent, this will be the handiest $14.99 that you ever spend.

Gatorback Carpenters Pro Tool Belt

If you are turning your hand to any form of professional carpentry – or even just take part in a great deal of such work around the home – you’ll need to ensure that you have easy access to all the necessary tools of the trade. This fine leather belt will ensure that anybody looks and feels the part, in addition to offering back support that ensures that all those hammers, chisels and other tools will not cause any lumbar damage. At $114.95 it isn’t necessarily cheap, but one feel of the quality will help you understand that it’s a worthy investment in yourself as a tradesman.

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Custom Black Leathercraft Deluxe Cordless Polydrill Holster

The hardest part of drilling can often be finding an appropriate surface to store all the screws, drill bits, screwdrivers and small, fiddly tools. Strapping this holster to your waist will eradicate the risk of your equipment rolling on the floor and delaying you from completing your task quickly and efficiently, as well as allowing you to live out any cowboy fantasies that you may be harboring. Measuring 6″ and 11″ down, you’ll find that this holster securely secures any cordless drill that may be in your collection without getting in the way of your general labors. At just $12.92, this is a fantastic investment in both your time and future endeavors.

Occidental Leather Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set

If you are dashing from job to job, you’ll need to ensure that you are equipped for anything a task may throw at you. That’s where this belt will come in useful – everything about it is premium and heavy duty, from the exquisite craftsmanship to the ability to hold some serious tools. The belt itself weighs a little shy of 5lbs but can sustain significantly more weight, and the sizing is entirely adjustable to match any body shape. At $296.94 it isn’t a purchase to take lightly, but the belt will more than pay for itself in time for any serious and professional tradesman – it’s certain to withstand any amount of punishment.

LED Headlamp

Let’s picture the scene. You’re driving late at night, you’re on a country road away from the main freeway, and your car gives out on you. You’re pretty handy with an engine and can probably diagnose and fix the issue, but how can you do when it’s full dark outside? The answer is simple enough – keep this LED headlamp, priced at just $25.99 and offering a trinity of bulbs that can illuminate distances of up to 350 feet, in the trunk of your vehicle. With three lamps that can be rotated to shine wherever you need them most, this LED headlamp means that you’ll never be left in the dark again.

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General Tools Laser Tape Measure

hand tools

How do you make a design classic tool even better? The answer is always, “by adding a laser”. Such is the result of this tape measure, which runs to 16 feet. Pull out the tape and mark your length – so far, so typical, right? Where this General Tools device differs is in the laser-operated instant distance measurer, which can run to 50 feet and displays the appropriate measurement on a digital screen. No more marking a spot with a pencil and trying to extend your tape measure to reach the other side of the room, or scrambling for scrap paper and noting your measurements with a spare hand – surely that has to be worth the $35.08 asking price of this tool?

Magnetic Stud Finder

hand tools

Sometimes searching for an existing screw or nail in a wall can be an arduous task that seems to take an age, but you can speed up the process no end with this stud finder. Simply place it on the wall and move in a circular motion - should there be any existing trace of metal in the construct, your stud finder will notify you. This will ensure that you can safely drill into masonry knowing that you will not collide with anything, or apply nails without clashing with previous installations. Priced at just $7.68, this tool is a pocket-sized essential.

Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool

Anybody that has encountered a slow drain will know how quickly this can grow frustrating, and cause any number of knock-on effects. Chemicals are readily available to pour into the offending drains, but these can be foul smelling and potentially dangerous for a household with pets of young children – and it’s a waiting game to see if they actually work. Zip-It drain clearing tool is simplicity itself, as you’ll simply need to poke the 17″ rod into the clogged drain and marvel as the problem evaporates. Each tool can only be used once before being tossed away, but at $5.74 it’s still more cost-effective than most chemical solutions.

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Audew Portable Air Compressor Pump 12v 150PSI

Any vehicle that you may use – be it a car, a pick-up truck or a cycle or the motorized or pedal-powered variety – will eventually need to have its wheels inflated. This extremely user-friendly device will take the guesswork out of this process, allowing users to simply plug the pump into the tire in question and allow the air to flow until the device switches itself off – an automatic response to the tire reaching the optimum level of inflation. Light enough to leave in your trunk or perfectly safe to leave in a garage, the low asking price of this Audew air compressor pump is just $35.99.

Magna Cart Ideal 150lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck/Dolly

We’re all tempted to embrace the brute strength that is our birthright from time to time and carry excessive amounts of heavy objects in a single transition. It’s cheaper than a bench-pressing gym membership, after all. Alas, it can do serious damage to our backs – something that can be easily avoided with the aid of this Magna Cart trolley. Capable of carrying loads of up to 150lb (despite weighing just 9lb itself), you can stack up your tools, wood boards or sheet metals on this truck and wheel them safely, then fold it away for storage until needed again. $40.36 is the asking price – a worthy investment to prevent a future of back problems.

Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tool Set with Gloves & Tote

We have covered a great many premium hand tools for the house in this guide, but what about the garden? Those with a green thumb deserve the best possible tools for their trade too, and that comes in the shape of this nine-piece garden set. $29.99 buys a pair of garden gloves, a trowel, a transplanting spade, a rake, a cultivator, a weeder, a pruner, a water spray bottle and a quality tote bag to keep all of these items in – everything you could possibly need to keep your backyard in order this spring and summer.

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WD-40 Multi-Use Lubricant

If you only decide to buy one item from this list, please make it this 8oz can of WD40 for a mere $3.97. This lubricant will resolve countless issues around your home or in your vehicle such as oiling the joints of a squeaking door, dislodging a trapped item in an enclosed space, eradicating moisture, and even cleaning up a label or adhesive tape remnants from a smooth service. No garage or car is complete without at least one can of this wonderful and versatile lubricant, and personally, we recommend investing in several and ensuring that you always have some to hand.

X-Acto Compression Basic Knife Set

hand tools

Whether you are using them for professional DIY projects of craft endeavors with any younger members of your family, a set of appropriate knives are essential. This collection from X-ACTO offers three basic knife handles and a further thirteen blades that ensure you’ll have the appropriate tool for any occasion – and stored in a convenient compressed nylon case. Perfect for any kind of repair job, this collection will have you slicing off unneeded adhesives, screw ends or jarring furniture pieces with all the precision of a scalpel-wielding surgeon. For just $14.34, you can take care of any and all cutting needs with this set.

Duck Brand Wrap-Fix Repair Tape

Duck Tape is arguably the most secure and versatile form of adhesive on the market. Pure black in color, this tape is perfect for use in electrical or plumbing projects, binding leaks, covering holes, fixing furniture or covering exposures. It’s completely chemical and heat resistant, and it won’t curl up in the rain – you can apply this tape outside the home with complete confidence that it will remain in place. One roll of this excellent tape will provide ten feet of product to a one-inch diameter, with the versatility offered ensuring that the asking price of $5.19 is an absolute snip.

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US Wire 50-Foot Heavy Duty Extension Cord

When you’re looking to bring some power to the outside of your home you’ll need a reliable extension cord, and it’ll have to be tough-wearing enough to survive outdoor elements. This cable stretches fifty feet, can withstand rainfall, and provide 125 volts of energy. Ideal for keeping in your garage to power your electric saw in the backyard, or in the trunk of your car in case you need to connect to a public-access power source for battery charging, this extension cable is priced at $29.99.

Neiko Heavy Duty Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design

Plunging the toilet is nobody’s favorite job, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil. The heavy-duty plunger is flexible enough to approach pipes from any angle, no matter how small a bathroom may be, without sacrificing the power needed to clear those stubborn blockages. The aluminum handles means that the plunger can sit dormant without attracting a lot of mildew, the suction cup contains four tiers that prevent leaks and spillages all over your pristine bathroom floor, and the low price point of $13.99 is a lot more enticing than the bill that a plumber would provide for unclogging a toilet.

Unger Professional Nifty Nabber – 36″

It’s so easy to cause yourself a back problem while working. You may haveto reach for items placed on a high shelf due to the fact that they are rarely used, or face every man’s worst nightmare and drop a box of screws all over your workshop floor and spend hours picking up after yourself. By using the Nifty Nabber, you will no longer need to spend your time stretching and bending to collect what you need – simply stand within a 36-inch radius, and let this device do the hard work for you! At $18.49, it’s significantly more cost-effective than accruing expensive osteopath appointments to ease your overworked spine.

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Highland Bungee Cord Assortment Jar – 24 Piece

Bungee cords can be a curious tool for car owners – we’re never sure when you might actually need them until a situation arises when nothing else will do and you dearly wish you had such an item to hand. This 24-piece jar, with contains a variety of bungee cords of differing shapes and sizes for just $11.99, will enable you to apply any form of attachment to your vehicle, allowing users to tow, tie or store a variety of different items to their automobile. Always aim to have a jar of bungee ropes in your trunk – you never know how and when they may come in extremely useful.

CCbetter 30W Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit – 25pc

On occasions that solder is unsuitable, you’ll need a glue gun. This tool can be used to make repairs to the circuit boards of electrical appliances, fastening objects to the wall, or gluing multiple panes of glass together for reinforcement; or even on craft projects, making it a potential lifesaver if you have children that wait until the last possible moment to inform you that they need a model created for the school science fair. Priced at just $12.99, such a multi-use tool may not be in daily use but you’ll be wholly relieved you made such a small investment when you do need it.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad, & Android

More and more modern vehicles are incorporating intelligent digital dashboards, but they don’t give the full story. If you are considering purchasing a used car, or are involved in a deal of any kind regarding an automobile, the Bluedriver OBDII will scan the car in its entirety and pull up a full range of diagnostics and read any codes that need to be flagged. For just $99.95, you will be equipped with any information that you will require to run a complete diagnostic fix on any car, with the results delivered to your cell phone.

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Rubbermaid Folding 3-Step Steel Frame Stool, 200-Pound Capacity

Unless you enjoy the stature of a giant, there will always a shelf that is out of safe reach where you store those occasional use tools or a ceiling light fitting that is beyond your grasp. This folding rubber step will allow you to reach heights of a little under nine feet, and with a load-bearing capacity of around 200lbs, you’ll have no trouble pulling items down with you. The $39.21 that this stool costs will grant you additional height, rubber feet with a firm grip that prevent any threat of slipping, and a light weight of just 13lb that ensures you can easily move the stool from room to room.

Multipurpose Laser Level w/8ft Tape Measure/Ruler

It’s essential to get accurate measurements when working on a DIY project, and that can involve all kinds of apparatus – rulers, spirit levels, tape measures, pencils to mark your spot on the wall, and more besides. This laser level brings everything you need into one small, 8oz package. Simply hold the laser level against your surface and use the traditional sprit level bubble to ensure that you are in the appropriate position, check your dimensions using the inbuilt tape measure, and flick the switch – a laser shine upon your surface, offering precision accuracy – no more scrawling with pencil and hoping you haven’t nudged the spirit level in the process! At just $13.98, you really can’t go wrong.

3M 1000 Series Protective Eyewear with Amber Scotchgard Anti-Fog Coating

Safety is one thing that that should never be compromised when working on a DIY project, and goggles are an absolute must. If you’re looking for a protection for your eyes that will not compromise your vision, these 3M glasses are a must. Available in a range of colors that resemble a pair of stylish Oakley sunglasses, these lightweight goggles are equipped with an anti-fog mechanism that will prevent the need to remove and clean them, which will last for up to 25 washes. One size fits all with these goggles thanks to a removable elastic strap, and workshop safety costs just $13.65 – you can’t say fairer than that.

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DeWalt Dominator Safety Glasses – Clear Lens

DeWalt has made multiple appearances on our list of must-have apparatus, and these safety goggles are just another example of what these DIY experts can offer. Priced at just $8.20, these safety glasses are extremely lightweight and will not compromise any vision within a dimly lit workshop thanks to their clear lenses (even cheaper alternatives are available on the link above if you have razor-sharp eyesight and do not object to a darker tint on your lenses). The wraparound design will prevent any debris from making its way inside the glasses and irritating your eyes, and the earpieces are padded to ensure that comfort is retained throughout a lengthy project.

Amston Safety Hard Hat

If you are working on any project outdoors, such as the construction or repairing of a wall, the risk of falling debris is something that must be taken into consideration. This safety hat – which is equipped with vents that prevent over-heating and ensure that it can be worn for prolonged periods without the need to remove and allow your head to breathe, thus placing yourself at risk – is highly recommended to anybody planning such an undertaking. Available in blue or white for just $16.61, this hat will withstand any number of unplanned and unwelcome collisions with falling stones, rocks or masonry.

Dust Mask

When you’re drilling, sawing, painting or just about any other activity that will kick up debris and waste fumes, it’s important to carefully consider just what you may be breathing in. The use of this dust mask will ensure that you can still breathe easily and steadily whilst working away, without having to stop and consider what you are taking into your lungs – remember, you won’t always be actively aware that you are absorbing potentially toxic fumes at the time. Available for just $12.88 in neutral black, and even cheaper for alternative colors, this mask will keep you safe – and can also be used while running and cycling in city areas with high amounts of air pollution.

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And thus concludes our list of 51 must-have hand tools and power tools for any aspiring handyman. Set yourself up an Amazon wishlist and start picking up different parts of the collection piece by piece, starting with what you consider to be the most important for your needs, and before you know it you will be an undisputed DIY king in your own home – and, more than likely, the homes of others upon request. Few things in life and more satisfying than fixing an issue with your own two hands, and these items will be key to you doing just that. Now, what are you waiting for? Get ordering, and get to work on those long-term house projects!

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