With all of the new technology lately replacing the need for a watch, it is imperative that your watch do more than just tell you the time.It should be worthy of your attention as well as useful. Who checks their wrist for the time when they have a smartphone in their hands anyway?

One great example of attention-worthy timepieces is the Xeric Men’s Halograph Automatic Limited Edition Watch. Just like the Soloscope, Halograph Automatic offers a unique look and experience with it.

For starters, unlike other analog and digital watches we have these days, Halograph Automatic does not rely on any battery to run. It relies on you, the wearer, for power. When you move your wrist or wind the crown, the watch can store up to 36 hours of energy.

Next, “it’s not an electronic gadget; it’s a mechanical heirloom.” True enough, Halograph Automatic relies on the twin balance wheels that pump life on to this watch. It functions like our heart generating the power supply and sends it to the hands. Also, the good thing about mechanical watches is that it does not go obsolete. Non-mechanical watches start dying when its circuitry is deactivated.

The watch also has a unique time display. We can certainly say that this watch is more than just a timepiece. It’s a conversation starter and a unique work of art.

There will be less than 1000 of these in production, and each of the watches will be engraved with a number from 001 to 999.Normal analog watches have numbers arranged in a circle. The Halograph Automatic has four-dimensional hemicycle time display arcs. The innermost arcs, the ones whose numbers are in blue, display the hour while the ones whose numbers are in black are the minutes.



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