First, there was Halo. Now there is Halo Reach, which takes place pre-Master Chief in a world of intense and groundbreaking visuals that you have come to expect from the popular action series known for its stunning graphics, realistic battle sequences, and unbelievable multi-player options. In Halo Reach, a Spartan squad called the Noble Team, who are fighting for their lives and their planet.

While Halo Reach is missing the ever popular Master Chief, the Covenant are present and ready to do some damage. All over the web, gamers are abuzz that this is the last game in the cinematic series. One would have to question whether or not this is true considering that we live in an age where guaranteed successes such as this are rarely if ever laid to rest for good. But for now, we’ll take the Bungie folks at their word and pre-order our copies today. Only big decision to make now: do we get the standard, limited or legendary editions? Cost ranges from $60-$150, so it’s probably the best that we plan for $60 and hope for the best on payday!

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Halo Reach
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