We know it’s just the first day of the October, but we’re already excited about the upcoming costume party at the end of this month others refer to as Halloween. So here we gathered some of the best Halloween costumes from funny, weird, dapper, scary, to funny ones (again).

They’re all ready to wear, so all you have to do is find your size, muster up enough courage, and prepare to turn heads in the room.

Halloween costume ideas

Mouth Mover Mask


If you’re the kind of guy who’s having a hard time starting a conversation in a crowd or even getting the slightest bit of attention, this mask is for you. From the moment you walk in, people are going to look at you. And when you open your mouth, you have everyone’s attention.

Thanks to Elope’s smart and animalistic engineering, whether you howl, bark, roar, or talk, these animal masks will move with your jaw creating the illusion that these animals can actually have a conversation, eat, and drink the human way.

Watch how it works here:

To complete the freaky, eerie feel, these masks are detailed with life-like faux fur plus a black mesh that conceals your eyes so your audience sees a very animal-like head interacting with them.

There are four animals to choose from—pug dog, wolf, fox, and lion—and each of these masks is designed to creepily match the real animals’ pelts.

So get ready to be petted and be an instant chick magnet overnight. The only thing you have to prepare then is the list of topics to maintain the conversation.

Novelties Ride on Riding Shoulder


If the mouth mover mask gives the creepy yet amusing feel, this costume is set to crack up the entire room (and in a good way) and is a good conversation starter cum attention seeker too.

The entire set fits waists up to 42 inches and height six feet or less. It comes with a corded belt so you can adjust as needed.

The outer fabric is made of plush with a 100% polyester lining material. The body, on the other hand, is filled with polypropylene cotton.

The entire costume weighs about 4-6lbs., which is still considered lightweight for a special outfit. And it’s also breathable and washable. So food and alcohol stains or whatever filthiness you encounter that night will still be gone.

Novelties ride offers you 9 styles to choose from: England, Green People, Santa Claus, Oktoberfest, Orangutan, Ox, New Style Santa Claus, Teddy, and Yellow Chicken. All of these are complete with body, suit, gloves, and tails. The only item you have to prepare is a T-shirt (completely optional).

If you get inside a room on a piggyback ride and you don’t turn heads, we don’t know what will.


Kissing Booth


This costume is meant not only to strike up a conversation (but who talks to a booth?) but also to hopefully find the damsel in distress who needs true love’s kiss. Or anyone who needs free smooches, really.

The idea is simple, you wear this booth over your head, walk around, and wait for someone who asks for a free kiss. And believe us, there’ll be a long queue.

This kissing booth costume fits most adults and weighs barely 2 lbs.—light enough for you to just stand there giving free kisses or walk around still giving free kisses.

This costume doesn’t guard you against angry boyfriend and any viral nor bacterial infection though. So kiss moderately and cautiously. T-shirt and pants not included.

Rasta Imposta Breathalyzer


What’s more fitting to walk into a party overflowing with booze than to be a walking breathalyzer?

With a just a couple pieces of polyfoam plus few hilarious paints and texts, you will surely set the room roaring with laughter the moment you walk in.

The breathalyzer costume fits men with the “standard size,” which means your chest should be about 42-48 inches, waist is 35-40 inches, outseam measurement of 41-46 inches, and a height of 5’8”-6’3”.

The costume weighs barely 1 lb. so it’s not too heavy to wear all night. It’s also fairly breathable, so you don’t fret about sweating like a pig as you walk around offering free breath analysis to anyone.

So put this on, strike up a conversation here and there, and still go home sotally tober.


Doctor Who Tardis


If your company opted for a more formal (otherwise called meh) kind of Halloween party or you simply just want to resonate a police booth, this is our highly recommended costume. You’ll look not only dapper but also extraterrestrial-ly eye-catching.

From the slim fit cut, striking color that matches the police box, to the Tardis-y design—the police box windows and all, you will surely be anything but normal with the confidence of a time lord. Add to that the bow tie and the pocket square, stylish would be an understatement.

The 100% polyester jacket with a satin lining fits sizes 36-50 while the pants fit 29-40.

For more information about the materials and sizes, click the buy now button above.



How can we not include the scariest clown that lived in our fictional world? Pennywise has scared a whole lot of kids and not-so-kids they haven’t looked at any sewer up to this day.

This authentic Pennywise costume includes the yellow satin jumpsuit with the matching shiny multi-colored vest and collar, white gloves, the scary half mask, and the vividly red wig.

The jacket fits individuals extra small to extra large (33-46 inches) with an inseam of approximately 33 inches.

This Pennywise costume is an officially licensed It movie costume, so you’re guaranteed to have quality materials.

Hold a balloon as you go, and you’re sure to turn heads (but probably away from you). We’re not sure you can start a conversation wearing this though. But you’ll scare at least one person fo’ sho.



Of course, we are including the most gleefully profane Marvel character, the unf*ckable when unmasked Deadpool.

Why are we including Deadpool costume? Because why not? Everybody wants to be this morbidly funny antihero that when people see you wearing it, they automatically want to have a gabfest with you.

This costume comprises the red and black jumpsuit, the mask, and a deluxe, fiber-filled muscle chest piece. Weapons not included.

Available sizes are extra small, standard, and extra large.

Warning: Wearing this Deadpool costume creates inexplicable awesomeness within.

Reno 911


Who would forget the Reno cop who helped us poke fun at a lot of police shows including Fox’s Cops. This Reno 911 costume includes shorts, shirt, belt, and the badge that will make you look like Lt. Dangle in every angle.

Sizes vary from small, medium, standard, and extra large.

So if you want to be channel your inner law enforcing self or simply want to tell everyone you don’t skip leg day, this is the costume for you.

Aviators are not included though. You have to buy it separately. But who wear sunglasses at night parties?

By the way, prepare for “nice legs!” compliment all night.

Ride a President


If you liked the Novelties Ride idea, you’re going to love this even more. Who doesn’t want to be carried piggyback by the president?

Wear a Mexican (or any country of your choice) costume and laughter will surely follow you everywhere.

Ride a President costume includes a pair of polyester pants with elastic waistband along with faux legs.

Stay away from hardcore president loyalists though. Or anyone who can’t get a joke and is always offended even by the way you breathe.

T-REX Dinosaur Costume


Another way of concealing your true self is donning the mightiest extinct creature—the T-Rex.

This T-Rex costume is fully inflatable which can be done in just a minute. It fastens around the neck and foot areas to keep it inflated and is perfect for people 1.65 to 2 meters tall.

The entire costume is made of durable polyester materials with a plastic view window so you can see what’s happening around you clearly.

But what we love most about this idea is that you can store a lot of booze and snacks inside without anyone noticing it and still look fierce. Plus, you are not required to talk. Just roar if caught in an awkward situation.

Ironman Helmet


Whether you have been wanting to be Ironman for a day or you simply just want to hide your face, this helmet is for you.

Equipped with cool engineering such as illuminated eyes, impressive sound effects, and detailed interior circuitry, this Ironman helmet is a sure-fire way of getting attention and hopefully tête-à-tête.

Did we say the faceplate is detachable too? That is because even Ironman gets hungry too.

So go ahead and party on then show them how the Stark CEO gets cooler as the night gets deeper.

Our final words

Halloween costumes are created not only for fun but also to give us some confidence boost when alcohol hasn’t begun its magic.

But whatever. The Halloween costumes listed above are created for whatever reason you have in mind.


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