Tired of your racing games feeling like racing games and not the real thing? We can help. Today we’re bringing you the GTultimate Racing Simulator assembly, which gives you a full-on racing experience without the fear of fiery explosions and impending doom. The seat is an actual racing seat like you would lift out of the cockpit of any professional speedster, and is even fully adjustable to suit your size.

While the seat alone will usually run you about a grand, the rest of the stuff included here – Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel and pedals, Thrustmaster TH8 RS shifter, and a powder-coated, super-thick steel frame with high gloss finish – only serve to sweeten the deal. Best of all, no door dings or wreckage. Also, the GTultimate Racing Simulator is compatible to the needs of both PC and PS3 gamers.

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GTultimate Racing Simulator with Thrustmaster T500 RS Wheel and Pedals and TH8 RS Shifter
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