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Her name is Tardar Sauce, or Tard the Cat, but you may only know her as Grumpy Cat, the feline with the world’s foulest facial expression, though if you have ever seen the videos, she’s a lot sweeter than she looks. Nevertheless, stay away from her, okay? She can only tolerate your presence when you’re not in hers. To fill the void, think about picking up the Grumpy Cat Hat.

Tard isn’t gender specific, fellas, but come on: I’ve seen a ton of you re-posting the memes on Facebook. Why not wear your support as well? Not sure if this benefits the darling of SXSW’s owner or not, but it’ll definitely draw the laughs if you wear it around your friends soon. Just hurry up. These Internet memes don’t leave a very large window of opportunity to capitalize on the cool.

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Grumpy Cat Hat
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