Aquariums are so 20th century. If you’re looking to impress your visitors or feel proud of your green thumb then what you really should be investing in is your very own Grobo Indoor Garden. With an all-in-one tower which is designed to make growing plants in your home as easy as possible, this enclosed ecosystem actually uses nutrient capsules stored at its base in order to automatically feed and water your plants as necessary. While that isn’t revolutionary in itself, what is game-changing is the fact that the Grobo Indoor Garden pairs their nutrient delivery system with over 63 LEDs in order to ensure that your plants are getting enough light and that the temperature and humidity is kept optimal.


If your plants need darkness, the fluid glass system which has been put in place can also become darker as needed. This allows you to not only view your plants but also make sure that they’re getting the shade they need in order to grow. Finally, topping off Grobo Indoor Garden’s innovation is a carbon filter which keeps smells confined to the garden itself, stopping them from reaching the rest of your home.

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Grobo Indoor Garden Lets You Grow Plants And Vegetables In Your Home
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