Come on, admit it: you’ve suffered Fat Finger issues with your smart phone or tablet.  Slightly chunky fingers can run into problems, and don’t get us started on carpal-tunnel.  Is the remedy a transparent tablet?  That’s what Grippity is wagering with their ergonomic-minded gadget.  It allows you to use all your fingers, pressing keys from the back side of the device.

The company’s Kickstarter page asks, “Is it a Tablet?  A remote control?  A game controller?  A media center keyboard? … Like any smart device, it can be all of the above.”

We know for sure it runs Android and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with a battery offering 2,400 mA/h and 4GB of internal storage.  The display is 7″ and 800×480.  The processor is Cortex A8, with 512K of RAM.

The developers gave the heave-ho to the opaque parts of a traditional LCD display to make a device with one “diffusion layer,” to quote from their kickstarter page.  I’m sick of too many diffusion layers, myself: check out Grippity.

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Grippity: World's First Transparent Tablet
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