Imagine the sensational aroma and taste of fresh, hot pizza from the local pizzeria joint—yum! After all, that’s about the only place you won’t find big industrial ovens: only small, brick ones and friendly service to boot.

The Grill-Top PizzaQue Stone is a nifty little pizza-grilling innovation that—while it may not totally recreate that old-world style charm of that little Italian joint—cooks pizza, bread, calzones, and more using a porous clay slab of ceramic stone. In addition, the PizzaQue Stone comes with a detachable stainless base with temperature gauge built right in. Never over- or under-cook your food again!

Italians know how authentic pizza is done: by hand and by fiery stone for an exceptionally crispy, well-done crust and heavenly aroma. And 9 out of 10 of ’em agree that the Grill-Top PizzaQue Stone—good for use on the grill or in the oven—is something no amateur pizza-maker should be without.

Who’s hungry for some Italiano yet?

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Grill-Top PizzaQue Stone
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