Electric bikes aren’t just for long distance trips in the country side. In fact, one of the most interesting uses of electric bicycles is actually getting around in an urban environment. In case you were wondering which is the top electric bike on the market right now, that honor would being to the Greyp G12H Electric Bike. With a capacity of up to 3kWh and a top range of 150 miles, this bike wins major points for its capabilities. What’s more, it can hit speeds of nearly 28mph making it perfect for commuting in an urban environment. Also indicative of its urban-inspired design is a biometric sensor which is used to unlock the bike itself, making theft a thing of the past.

While all of this is undoubtedly cool, one of the other major selling points of the Greyp G12H Electric Bike is the extremely bright Supernova light which makes nighttime riding a breeze. It even has a custom-made pannier rack that adds extra utility while maintaining the bike’s sleekness. More via the link below.

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Greyp G12H Electric Bike Is The Future Of Your Commute
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