Notice something about smartwatch design lately? Most manufacturers, Apple and Samsung excluded, aren’t designing wrist-mounted computers anymore. Instead, most manufacturers have recognized that people don’t want to look ultra-geeky — watches are meant to be fashionable accessories that act as a sort of male jewelry, after all.


Grayton, a mechanical watchmaker, was one of the first companies to realize that. That’s why when they went to the drawing board and came up with the “The Origin” smartwatch, they decided to put all of the smart functionality and stick it in the watch’s band itself.

The Origin’s band connects to an Android or iOS device via a Grayton’s smartphone companion app and can track fitness activity, allow for music control via a hidden button in the band, and even vibrate to let you know when you’ve received a notification on your smartphone. The band charges through a concealed USB port hidden at the end of the strap.

If you’d like to find out more about The Origin smartwatch, make sure you check out the project’s Indiegogo page via the link below.


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Grayton Reinvents Smartwatch By Putting The "Smarts" In The Band
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