A lot of people around the globe suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and stress. In the United States, these types of disorders affect millions of teenagers and adults. Instead of relying on prescribed medications as a solution, you can try a less hostile remedy such as Gravis Weighted Blanket and Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket.

A good Deep Touch Pressure Simulation (DTPS) can give you a more realistic feeling of being cradled, swaddled, and hugged. With Gravis Weighted Blanket, your act of sleeping will encourage DTPS. Otherwise stated, this weighted blanket can give you the right amount of deep pressure therapy to give off positive effects on your mood and sleep.

How are weighted blankets created? The most common way includes plastic poly pullets. Grains of sand are resembled and sewn into the weighted blanket. What makes Gravis Weighted Blanket different from the rest is the fact that it is tailored for every body type. The optimal weight is primarily 10% of your body weight.

Gravis Weighted Blanket is engineered to create 7%-12% deep pressure stimulation so you feel hugged, cradled, and swaddled during your sleep. You'll experience deeper sleep in no time. Likewise, the combination of the weighted feel and ultra-soft microfiber makes it the most on-the-edge blanket you'll ever experience.

The weighted blanket is machine-washable; thus, you will spend less time cleaning and more time to relax. It weighs approximately 20 lbs.; the cover is made of 100% polyester and has a 48″L x 72″W measurement. It ships anywhere in the United States.

Hence, if you constantly suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and stress, the Gravis Weighted Blanket is a perfect fit for you. Specifically designed to give you an in-home deep touch pressure, this weighted blanket can give you a top-notch experience, both with outstanding customer service and high-quality product. No more expensive treatments and prescribed medications. All you need is a therapeutic, premium grade, and deep simulated weighted blanket.

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Prevent Stress and Anxiety with Gravis Weighted Blanket
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