It’s 2016 and sometimes cell phone coverage can still be less-than-perfect. For those situations when you just can’t get signal, such as concerts and other live events, there’s GoTenna — a breakthrough when it comes to off-grid smartphone communication. While we’ve already covered GoTenna in the past, the company which is behind the incredibly revolutionary product is back with more in the form of the GoTenna Mesh.

As a marked improvement over its predecessor, this new device operates on more robust frequencies that use special networking tech in order to relay your message through other existing GoTennas — this works to great effect and potentially doubles or triples the range of your messages. The end result is an increased ability to communicate with friends and family members at a distance of a mile or more, something which could be useful in live events but also very handy in survival situations or when someone in your party gets lost.

Curious? Find out more about the GoTenna Mesh via the link below.

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GoTenna Mesh Lets You Use Your Cellphone Without Signal
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