Does the world really need smart clothing? Google seems to think so. That's why they've teamed up with Levis in order to create the world's first smart jacket. Dubbed Levis Commuter for the public and known as Project Jacquard internally, the jacket features a series of conductive fabrics which have been woven into the garment in order to create an "interactive patch" which is able to sense touch and pressure when you touch the fabric.


Sounds wild, doesn't it? That's not the best part though. In the cuff of the jacket there's actually a Bluetooth module which allows your jacket to pair to your smartphone, allowing you to configure exactly which of your gestures do what on your phone. For example, you'll be able to open Google Maps by tapping on your right sleeve or swipe on your pocket in order to play a music playlist.

Project Jacquard is going to be open as a public beta sometime in Fall. A widespread release is expected in Spring 2017.

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Google Teams Up With Levis For "Project Jacquard" Smart Jacket
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