The rumors of Google+’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Google is actually doubling down on its troubled social network with a new feature that actually adds functionality similar to that of Pinterest. Dubbed “Collections”, Google+ will now allow users to create ‘boards’ filled with images and videos that are related to certain interests.

There’s no set release date for the feature although it’s listed as “coming soon” to both mobile and web platforms. According to some sources close to Google, certain users (read: non-iOS users) will be able to use the new feature as soon as today. Keeping in line with Google+’s philosophy, users will be able to make the boards as public or private as they want by selecting the “circles” they want to share them with.


While logging into Google+ may feel like walking through a ghost town, the beleaguered social network does have its passionate fanbase. Hopefully Collections will inject some much needed vitality into Google+.

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Google+ Rolls Out Pinterest Competitor With Its Collections Feature
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