Remember Google TV? How about the Nexus Q? Google is hoping you don’t as they launch their Google Nexus Player and Android TV. The Nexus Player is a small flat, hockey puck-shaped device which connects to your TV with a simple HDMI cable.

Once set up and connected to your home network, you’ll then be greeted by a card-based interface with recommended titles at the top and preinstalled apps like YouTube, Google Play store, Music, Movies, and Games at the bottom. One of the cooler aspects of the Nexus Player is that Google Now-like functionality is included and can be accessed through the remote allowing for voice search through your TV.


In terms of third party apps, well, there aren’t many yet. Netflix and Hulu Plus are available along with Food Network, Bloomberg TV, TED TV, Crackle, Dailymotion, and a few others. There are a couple of games, but definitely not enough to justify the purchase of the optional Xbox-inspired Gamepad for the Nexus Player at $40.

While the Nexus Player is a great first (third?) step into the living room for Google, it’s just not there yet (again!). If you’re adventurous enough to risk getting burned by a company which has failed at revolutionizing the TV box twice before then by all means dive on in. For the rest of us, maybe it’s just better to wait and see.


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Google Makes A Splash Into The Living Room
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