How can you possibly cram 4.3 million pixels onto a screen that is only 12.85 inches diagonally? We’re not sure, but somehow Google Chromebook Pixel has managed to pull it off, and the results are enough to make even us hardcore Apple boys think about switching. This particular offering from Google comes fused with a piece of Gorilla Glass that allows you to swipe when you want to swipe or type when you want to type, all without compromising the picture screen quality.

The solid state drive is around 64GB, but buying in now could also land you 1TB (yep, that’s terabyte) of cloud storage from Google for free. (Of course, you will need a Google account to take part, but honestly, who doesn’t have one of those already?) With an operating system that loads in seconds and a weight of less than 4 pounds, this is one of the more attractive opportunities in home and on-the-go computing.

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Google Chromebook Pixel
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