You might not know this but the largest craft beer scene in the world isn’t in Europe — it’s right here in the US of A. That doesn’t mean that good craft beer doesn’t come out of Europe. Far from it. Meet the Good Chemistry Solar Impulse Beer. Brewed lovingly in Bristol, UK, this ale is perfect for the warm weather.


Described as a “full-flavored sipper with plenty of hops”, this beer actually contains three varieties of hops: British, American, and German. The combination and delicate interplay of the various flavor profiles round out the profile of what is universally considered one of the best vegan beers out on the market right now.

The Good Chemistry Solar Impulse Beer is available in gorgeously designed 660ml bottles that feature a useful ingredient chart smack dab in the center. If you’d like to order your own then make sure you check out the official homepage at the bottom of this post.

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Good Chemistry Solar Impulse Beer Is An Easy Sipper Brewed With Three Different Hops
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