There are people for whom golf is an occasional hobby, and there are people for whom it’s about as much fun as waterboarding that you pay for. And then there are those people who, no matter where they are or what they’re doing, always have in the back of their mind: “I could be playing golf right now.” The Golf Mobile Boomerang is for those people. 

What it boils down to is that you have your golf ball on the end of a long fishing line wrapped around a motorized spool. You whack the ball, it sails off on its (no doubt long and perfectly slice-free) arc. And then when it reaches the end of the line, about 50 to 70 yards, it gets reeled back in. Sensors let you know the ball’s speed and what your actual carry distance would have been, so you know exactly how mad you should be. And something called “hole calibration” keeps track of your average distance with each club.

It’s light and quick to set up, so you can convert just about anywhere you happen to be into a driving range without worrying about your ball getting lost in the brambles, the mud, or the blowhole of a whale.

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Golf Mobile Boomerang | Portable Driving Range
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