This little ditty is more for you guys, who always wanted to be great golfers but could never figure out how to whack the ball off the tee. (Guilty.) Actually, we can see how it might help the game of a seasoned pro, too. The folks behind Golf-Grip sent us a test product to sample, and, gotta admit, it took this Arnold Palmer exactly two tries to be slugging the ball consistently.

Sure, I still slice and am an all-around horrible golfer, but thanks to Golf-Grip I’ve gone from consistent whiffs to consistent contact. Remember, kids, Golf-Grip won’t make you an awesome golfer, but it will take the mystery out of making contact with the ball. It does so with an ergonomic design that tells you exactly where to put your fingers and thumbs once the grip itself is clipped onto the club. Trust it, and you’ll be surprised at the results.

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