“Goldeneye” was the first of the James Bond movies not based in any way on a story by Ian Fleming. But the producers apparently felt the need to honor Bond’s creator anyway, by naming the film’s city-destroying satellite weapon after the Jamaica estate where Fleming wrote all the Bond novels, Goldeneye.  Never mind that the name had zero to do with the movie’s story, it at least tied the whole thing back to Fleming in a flimsy, convoluted way.

Goldeneye the estate is still there on Jamaica’s north coast, and is unlikely to destroy major cities from orbit. Rather, it’s now a boutique hotel with the five original villas joined by eleven new cottages and six suites. All on a gorgeous and secluded bluff overlooking an empty cove. So if quiet and laid-back is your thing, this is your place.

Back in Fleming’s day, the estate was several hours’ drive from the airport. Not so anymore, as there’s a brand new airport just ten minutes away called, appropriately, Ian Fleming International Airport.  So it’s really just a quick jaunt from the States. And there’s a three-night minimum stay but, really, why on earth would you want to leave?

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