Photographers understand the need for strobes whether it will be used in a studio or on location. And when we talk about strobes, one of the names that usually stand out is GODOX thanks to the success of GODOX AD600 otherwise known as Flashpoint XPLOR 600 HSS TTL.

So when they “released” the pro version of this strobe, we knew we had to include them on today’s list. Just a quick side note: we say “released” because its features were posted online by GODOX itself accidentally. About an hour later, they took it down. The following day, however, it’s up again and this time it’s official.

Moving on, GODOX AD600Pro Strobe features several improvements starting with the better color accuracy at +/- 75K. Competing products such as the Broncolor Siros L has a rating of +/- 50K is one of the best strobes in this field, but given the price of $2300, the AD600Pro is the sure winner.

Another improvement you’ll notice is the shorter recycle time. The previous version was already fast at 2.5 seconds, but the pro made it even shorter at 0.9 seconds. What’s more, the modeling light is also boosted from 10 W to 38 W, which means indoor shots should be a lot better than the previous one’s.

The bulb design is also changed from spiral to circular plus with the modified flash tube, it helps reduce hot spots. The fact that this new bulb is no longer recessed means you should get “increased light output of potentially up to a stop (although probably closer to 2/3rds),” according to John Aldred of DIY Photography.

However, the battery in the GODOX AD600Pro Strobe is reduced from the AD600’s 96.6 Wh to 75 Wh. Consequently, the number of full power pops you can get drops significantly to 360 from 500.



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