Syzygy Lab’s new GOAB iPad app puts a TV-addicted JARVIS right in your lap, combining television shows with online shopping and social networking.

The app allows you to browse shows by dragging genres into the center of a circle, flipping through a guide or searching directly. Are you a fan of CNBC or Bloomberg, but hate all the ticker info and charts that clutter up the screen? GOAB puts all that “extra stuff” on the iPad so you can interact with it directly. In the example video on the website, a timelapse “Mountain of Debts” chart can be manipulated while a news story about the debt crisis plays in the background.

What about a great suit you see on Mad Men, or a watch 007 is wearing in the new James Bond film? GOAB can access the purchase information for those items and take you to the store’s website so you can buy it while you’re still watching the program. You can even share it with friends via an ingenious tile grid of animated faces.

The social networking aspect is more than just “Like on Facebook” and “Post to Twitter” – it’s an entire ecosystem of sharing and conversing with friends who are watching the same thing simultaneously.

While it’s just a concept now, expect the GOAB app to redefine the television-watching experience.

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