Late last week news of the first Super Nintendo game to be released in quite some time broke and spread like wildfire across the Internet. The game is called Nightmare Busters, and it originated with a build dated back to 1994. Some fans of the retro gaming system accessed that build circa 2007 and then set about restoring it for an eventual release, which finally came to pass this month.

According to Wired’s Chris Kohler, just about everything was an authentic replication of classic Super NES games right down to the packaging. Currently, a second round of pre-orders are being accepted (for $78).

The pricing, clearly, supports a niche model, considering you can get many PS4 and Xbox One games for less than that. It doesn’t matter that those games are far superior in graphics and game-play. That’s really not what someone is buying when they fork over that kind of money for a piece of updated, outdated technology.

No, it’s the care and the love that shows in the product; it’s the respect and appreciation the new creators have for the original experience. That’s what the $78 (in this case) is for.

There are still many of us out here who love the idea of going retro. In fact, we here at inStash have decided to take this opportunity and point out a few more classic retro examples that are worth getting your mitts on.

the sleeper

The Sleeper VHS/DVD Limited Edition

If you like the old slasher films of the 1980s, then you’re going to love what director Justin Russell has done with his recent chiller throwback. Not only does the film’s cinematography, music, acting, and story match the sub-genre shot-for-shot, when it initially came out on DVD, a limited edition was also accompanied by a VHS with the classic oversized box art. Currently, eBay is your best bet for tracking down a copy of your own. We’ve seen them going for as much as $43.

usb typewriter

USB Retro Keyboard

It’s said that right up until his final words, literary great Ray Bradbury never once used a computer to write his stuff. In fact, we’re not even sure he ever stepped a digital foot into the Internet. For decades, he swore by his typewriter. Now if you want to emulate the master without giving up the freedom and simplicity of the digital world, just connect this old-school typewriter to your iPad, and voila, problem solved!

vintage tablet holder

Vintage Tablet Holder

Want to bring back that retro television feel — again, without going all-in with an exorbitant cable bill? Just use this Vintage Tablet Holder to hold your iPad or Android tablet in place and stream till your heart is content. While this particular piece, once available on Etsy for $85, is no longer being sold, you can track down loads of similar products online through Etsy and other websites.


iCade 8-Bitty

The iCade 8-Bitty gaming controller ties in nicely to our initial pick (Nightmare Busters) by giving you an easy way to enjoy those old-school Nintendo-esque controls. The familiar D-pad and power buttons are exactly where we remembered them, and since this baby has Bluetooth capabilities, it can hook up to your smartphone or tablet, essentially turning your iOS or Android operating platform into a console gaming system. This one is available from ThinkGeek for $30.

thrilling adventure hour

Thrilling Adventure Hour

With characters like Sparks Nevada and the Red Plains Rider, this sendup of old-time radio proves that even in an age of high definition and ridiculous-looking Zack Snyder effects, there is still room for the imagination. Thrilling Adventure Hour actually does live performances in the Los Angeles area, but if you can’t pick any of those up, just resort to the fallback by streaming it through the iTunes Store. You’ll think it’s 1935 again.

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