Still riding a non-electric skateboard? Psh, that’s not cool. If you truly want to skate like the cool kids then you’ll need an electric skateboard — and fast. Forget about buying electric, that can cost a fortune and the electric skateboards out there are of questionable quality. Instead what you should do is invest in your own Unlimited Eon. For those of you not in the know, Unlimited Eon is the world’s first Plug & Play Electric Skateboard Power-train, meaning that it can be placed under your board and bolted on in order to get going.


For you stats-geeks out there, the Eon has a max speed of 22mph and a range of 15 miles before it needs recharging. The kit itself weights a little less than 5 lbs meaning that it won’t add any noticeable drag to your skateboard. Worried about its performance uphill? Relax. Eon has you covered with a remarkable 9% incline rating, the best on the market right now. Find out more via the link below.

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Give Your Skateboard An Electric Makeover With Unlimited's Eon
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