The NES Classic might be coming out next week, but there’s plenty of reasons not to use its controller. For one, they’re wired meaning that you’ll end up sitting uncomfortably close to your 55”-inch HD screen — an experience which might end up having longterm detrimental effects on your vision. Luckily, Nyko is here to give us the wireless NES experience that Nintendo should’ve shipped with their remastered retro console.


Meet the Miniboss, a device which uses a small wireless adapter in order to let you game from whatever distance you want from your TV screen. Well, as long as that’s less than 30 feet away that is. The Miniboss controller only costs $19.99 and will be available later on in November via Nyko’s website, Amazon, or GameStop. Find out more about exact pricing or availability details via the link below. Hurry though, given the interest that the NES Classic has been gaining recently, we’re willing to bet that this handy controller will be sold out on day one!

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Getting The NES Classic? The Nyko Miniboss Is The Perfect Controller!
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