Let’s face it, local weather forecasts suck. Most of the time you can probably do a better job than your local Meteorologist by just looking out your window. But there has to be a better way to get a weather forecast right? Luckily there is, and it’s called Bloomsky.


Bloomsky is the world’s first crowd connected weather module. It’s able to collate information on weather, UV, humidity, barometric pressure, and rain from many disparate sources in order to provide an incredibly accurate weather forecast. It’s also equipped with an HD camera which can be used to take a look at ever-changing weather conditions if for some reason you’re stuck in a bunker and don’t have access to your window. The camera is most (read: actually) useful if you want to take time-lapses though. With Bloomsky you’ll actually be able to capture beautiful sunsets or the movement of stars in glorious HD. The device is battery powered and can last up to 20 days without charging. You can even purchase an optional solar panel attachment and have the batteries charge themselves if you’d like.

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