More and more the office geeks of the world are realizing that it’s best to get off their butts and moving around. The sedentary life can create a number of health problems, such as obesity and, dare I say it, hemorrhoids. (Don’t laugh, it’s true–and very unpleasant.) As we all grow more concerned about living longer and healthier lives, items like the GeekDesk Max and v3 can make a world of difference.

The functionality is simple. Electronically synchronized dual motors drive the lift mechanism at varying speeds depending on the style of desk that you choose. The v3 moves at a rate of 28mm to 35mm per second while the Max moves at 18mm to 20mm per second and contains four programmable presets for height adjustment. Simply put, the GeekDesk, whichever version, allows you to sit when you want to sit and stand when you need to stand, while having the most ergonomics working to your advantage at every step of the way. Prices range from $749-$985 depending on the style of desk and whether you prefer large-frame or small.

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