When the digital revolution happened to music, most of us kicked quality to the curb in favor of convenience (hey, we’re dudes and we generally prefer low-hanging fruit over things we have to work for). Now we just pump out MP3 from our massive, ill-gotten libraries to our stereos and headphones. Well, we’re missing an important step in this process…and our listening experience suffers.

The Geek Pulse aims to change this by introducing a high-quality digital-analog converter (DAC) into our systems. There’s a DAC in every device that handles digital audio files because the signal needs to change from digital to analog for you to hear it. The problem is that most DACs suck. They convert only the most basic parts of the signal and drop the rest.

The Geek Pulse uses high-quality components to bring out more details from your digital music. It also amplifies the signal by up to 3,000 milliwatts before sending it to your headphones. And the Geek Pulse X is specially designed to work with balanced headphones, offering the 4-pin input that these headphones use for a higher-quality signal. A quiet power source in both models delivers clean power to create a larger sound stage for greater immersion in your music. You’ll also be able to add Bluetooth 4.0 to wirelessly connect your music source.

The Geek Pulse started with a fundraising goal of $38,000 on Indiegogo and has blown way past that to almost $800,000 with over a week remaining in its campaign. Helping the creators reach $1 million will introduce even more top-notch components into this cutting-edge DAC.

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