While we love the ever addicting game we always play, it doesn’t hurt to stop and try other games out there just for distraction, getting in touch with the kid in us, or for just whatever reason. We’ve already seen Stardew Valley last week on Nintendo Switch and the rollout continues.

Here’s are some of them:

  • Yolo and the Celestial Elephants. Be Yono the elephant for a time and save the world though puzzles, treasure hunts, and occasional combat.
  • Wulverblade. This is an arcade-style a one- or two-player game where you are to defeat the Romans via beat-them-up tasks.
  • Squareboy vs. Bullies. Help Squareboy stand up against bullies of Squareburg.
  • Don’t Knock Twice. This is based on the film Don’t Know Twice and you are going to save your estranged daughter as the guilt-ridden mother.
  • Putty Pals. This is a two-player game that requires you to throw color-based puzzles at other players so you can use each other’s elasticity to survive every level.
  • ACA NEOGO The King of Fighters ’95.  You know this. It has now returned.
  • Rogue Trooper Redux. Another returning game but now with better graphics, assets, and online co-op for up to 4 players.

Other games include 88 Heroes, Neon Chrome, The Flame in the Flood, Oceanhorn, and Tiny Barbarin DX.

More at the link below.

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