An extra storage space for our belongings is always welcome. We never know when we’ll have additional items to carry on our way home.

But if you’re taking the public commute, having an empty, extra backpack with you is very inconvenient.

Good thing, there are packable backpacks nowadays such as the Gama packable backpack. When folded, it measures only 2.55” x 1.95”, making it small enough to fit your hands. It comes with a tiny pouch that’s permanently connected to the inside of the bag. Once the backpack is folded, simply squeeze it into the backpack then toggle it to tighten it up.

Once unfolded, Gama transforms into a full-size backpack measuring 8.4” x 4.5” x 14.1”. It has a storage capacity of 20L and can hold weight up to 30 kg.

What’s more, Gama packable backpack is made of polyester so it’s water resistant. You don’t have to worry about your contents getting wet when it starts to drizzle.

For only $20, you will get two packable backpacks that come with 1-year warranty.

Here are some reviews from the satisfied customers:

This are my far most the best thing. Took these on a hiking trip and came in handy so much. I put them in my purse just in case and ended up using only these on my trip. They are big and a light material but yet strong to hold everything needed.–Elizabeth Arechiga

I travel all the time and love these light weight waterproof back packs. The storage bag is attached to the inside of the bag for easy storage. They are the perfect size when I go to the lake, just throw in a towel and head to the water. Great for hiking also! I will definitely keep one in my car at all times…–MeMaw

They are very light but sturdy; not big but can hold lots of stuff. The shoulder straps are wide, which make the bag very comfortable to carry around.–Tina Wu



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