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You’ll probably agree with me when I say that one of the most dreadful parts of traveling is the packing. Whether it is in a different state or just the nearby city, loading up our luggage is not fun at all.

First, there’s the folding of clothes so that they fit in the limited space of my bags along with the other sundries.

Then there’s the search for the best spot for each of these items so that I can pull them out easily any time I need to and also to ensure my bag is in perfect balance once we have them in tow.

The hate then extends to actually taking these bags with me. Most of these give me either a shoulder pain or a high level of embarrassment.

I can clearly remember when my suitcase performed an unprecedented somersault when I rushed up the stairs at the airport. There was an escalator alright, but that’s another story.

Anyway, there’s also that time when I had to remove almost all the contents of my backpack as I was scouring for my headset. It would have been OK if I wasn’t at the mall at that moment.

So imagine my excitement when I found out that G-RO is expanding its luggage family by adding four more designs to suit more traveling needs.

What is G-RO?

For those of you who don’t know yet, G-RO is created by Travel Light headed by Netta Shalgi. The company was founded in 2010 with the aim of supplying travelers with bags that are not only efficient but also comfortable.

As a result, the company came up with a revolutionary luggage design that made history in luggage crowdfunding campaigns—there’s the signature axle-less wheel, the lightweight materials, and (surprisingly) the USB ports.

Remember my luggage somersaulting story? The big axle-less wheels are designed to avoid that.

The design was so good it was even featured on Ellen, and it earned the makers an Edison Gold Award for Innovation in Luggage.

After the huge success of their first intelligent luggage set, Travel Light is back to meet the needs not just of the frequent flyers but also the everyday commuters. It is giving us The Office, The Check-in, The Solo Backpack, and The Duo Backpack

The Check-in

As the name suggests, this bag is designed for the more distant traveling that require more gears and materials to bring.

Just like The Office, The Check-in has the durable yet lightweight telescoping handle, the signature axle-less wheels, and the arched belly design. It also has the easy carry handle, but instead of only one at the top, it has four more—one on both sides and two on the front part. This makes transporting it even easier.

The Check-in measures 14 in x 16.5 in x 28.5 in and has a volume of 86L. Expanding it via the expansion zipper will give you extra ten liters.

It also has interior compartments so you can keep your items organized inside and exterior easy access pockets for the nitty-gritty ones. But one thing I like most about it is the shoe compartment at the back. It means I don’t have to carry a separate bag for my sneakers. And, oh, it has a pocket inside that perfectly fits the included Tile Bluetooth tracker.

The Check-in is priced at $499, but pre-ordering now gives you a $200 discount.

The Office

The Office is the carry-on luggage designed for professionals who have multifarious gadgets and doodads to bring such as the important documents at work and the gears needed for after work happenings.

It measures 16″ x 9″ x 16”, which is big enough to fit your 15-inch laptop and a whole lot of other items yet still small enough to be placed on the empty seat next to you.

The Office also has several compartments for your other items such as documents, music gadgets, and smartphones and has easy-access pockets in front for your dingus that matter the most. The laptop compartment is padded and waterproof.

It also has a hidden pocket at the back where you can place your essential and holders on each side for your bottles and/or umbrella.

Carrying The Office is made easy by the 5-stage telescoping handle and the easy carry handle. Towing it should be effortless thanks to the signature axle-less wheels, arched belly design, and the lightweight handle.

And just like the first G-RO luggage set, The Office has a thread through cord system for your charging needs.

The Office has an SRP of $399, but if you pre-order now, you can get it for only $269.

The Backpack Light

The Solo Backpack or the Backpack Light is the compact bag for your everyday commuting needs. It measures 11 in x 5.5 in x 15 in just enough for a 13-inch laptop, some magazines, books, small gadgets, and a few snacks.

It also has the thread through cord system for your charging needs, and a pocket made for Tile Bluetooth tracker. The padded and adjustable back straps should give you the most comfortable fit while the easy carry handle on top provides you another way of bringing this backpack. The slide on strap makes it easy for you to tag this bag along with your Office or Check-in models.

The entire bag is made of waterproof textile so you’re confident your electronics are safe no matter the weather.

But some trivial yet interesting parts for me are the secret pocket at the back where you can hide your precious items and the internal water bottle pouch. The external ones on other bags are an eyesore for me. This one, however, will keep things classy.

The Backpack Light retails for $199. Pre-ordering today slashes 35% off the regular price.

The Backpack XV

The Backpack XV or the Duo Backpack is like The Check-in, only it is smaller and it is a backpack. Its base measurement is 12 in x 5.5 in x 11 in but may be expanded to 18 inches. Its interior has a volume of 15L but is expandable to 32L.

It fits a 15-inch laptop which may be stored in the padded pouch. But unlike in the Office and the Solo, you may access your laptop from any of the three sides. Plus, the laptop pouch has an extra space for a smaller tablet.

The features of this backpack that excite me the most are the pockets dedicated to sunglasses, office supplies and essentials, and headphones.

Remember my story above about hating packing? It is because of these items. I always forget where I place them.

The Duo Backpack’s market price is $249, but Kickstarter funders are given 28% discount for a limited time.

Our take

This new luggage line from G-RO sure does offer exciting features, and knowing that the same dedicated individuals are behind this project as the first G-RO luggage set, I am pretty confident we are about to see another successful revolution in the luggage department.

That means I no longer have to dread about the packing part nor embarrass myself in public. Well, at least in terms of the luggage department.

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G-Ro is back to Revolutionize the Luggage Industry
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