Got a fat wallet? We hear you. Between all the loyalty cards and your own credit and debit cards, it’s not a wonder that you can’t keep your wallet in your back pocket for fear of hurting your posterior when you sit down. Luckily for you, you can now free yourself from “Fat Wallet Syndrome” (FWS) by investing in your own Fuze Smart Credit Card.

Like other smart credit cards from years past, Fuze is able to store up to 30 cards at a time. Unlike its predecessors, however, it’s available in both standard and EMV chip variants as well as also boasting a slick companion app which makes it easy to manage all your cards.

Thanks to the aforementioned companion app, it’s not only easy to add cards but also deactivate your device should it get lost. Fuze automatically locks itself if the card strays too far away — now that’s peace of mind that no one else but Fuze can offer!

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Fuze Lets You Slim Your Wallet By Storing All Your Cards On A Single Credit Card
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