Adulthood equates to salaries and bill payments. Both of which entail the need for cash, card, or both. The more of these you have, the more complicated it is to organize them more so, to find them.

How many times have you caught yourself panicking because you can’t find that one card you are paying your grocery items with? And the long line of people behind you just adds to the tension.

Panic no more. The Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet is here to the rescue. It has a unique tab design that gives you access to your most frequently used cards in no time. The ergonomic interior also lets you pull out cash without the hassle.

What’s more, this high-quality Italian leather wallet can hold up to ten cards and supports any paper bills from any currency. It also has magnetic closure so your cash and card are kept securely.

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Frenchie Speed Wallet Saves You a Lot of Time and Frustration
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