Some people believe that no matter how smart your written argument is, if your grammar and spelling are wrong, you're still labeled stupid. Then these grammar nazis, as they are referred to, will focus on you're [sic] mistakes instead of the argument in question. People can be harsh, we know.

So to avoid this mockery, we are giving you this a premium access to Grammarly Premium for free. Grammarly is a writing-enhancement platform that detects writing mistakes, plagiarism issues, and suggests better terms and vocabulary.

It's much like the online mockers when it comes to detecting your mistakes, only it doesn't make you feel like not wanting to go out for the entire day. Plus it explains why your usage is wrong so you don't use it the next time.

If writing is your bread and butter, Grammarly Premium has genre-specific checks too. If writing is not your main source of income, but you love commenting on different posts, Grammarly makes sure internet trolls won't bring you down.

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