Let’s be honest here — you’re terrible at keeping track of your stuff. How many times have you stepped out of the house without your keys, wallet, or cell phone? Probably one time too many. If you’re tired of constantly misplacing things (and don’t blame it on your significant other! We all know it’s you) then perhaps you should look into getting something like the Wuvo Spot.


Much like its competitor, Tile, Wuvo is the latest in a long line of item trackers to hit the scene since they became all the rage a couple of years ago. Unlike Tile, Wuvo features a user-replaceable battery meaning that you won’t have to buy a whole other set of trackers just because the battery went dead. That’s not all it can boast over its competitors though, Wuvo actually delivers regular out of range alerts, includes a unique lost & found tag feature, and costs up to $5 cheaper per unit. Getting yourself a Wuvo is just a no-brainer when you think about it.

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Forget Tile, Wuvo Is The Ultimate Item Tracker
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