Nintendo may be releasing its NES Classic Edition in November, but Rated-E Mods has gone a step further beyond what Nintendo is offering by creating an even smaller, Raspberry Pi-powered SNES Micro. Tinier than an actual SNES controller, the micro-console uses a sculpted clay case for the hardware that gives it a proper Nintendo look and polish.

Besides its near-perfect SNES stylings, the SNES Micro is also noticeable for having an HDMI port as well as being able to run a much wider gamut of games than the console its based on, including games from other consoles. Since it uses two regular ol’ USB ports for inputs, you’ll even be able to play games using different controllers and are not limited to playing on a standard SNES controller, either.

Find out more about the SNES Micro via Rated-E Mods’ Facebook page linked below. No word on pricing just yet so you’ll have to follow the page closely for when they release more information on that front.

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Forget The NES Classic Edition, The SNES Micro Is Where It's At!
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