Flashlights are really inconvenient ways of lighting things up. Think about it: you’re in the dark and fumbling around with your flashlight in hand — taking away from the fact that you can’t actually grab something with both of your hands as long as you’re in the dark. Why not ditch the old fashioned equipment and nab yourself a pair of LED gloves, instead?


Once you’ve made the switch you’ll never have to worry about getting lost in the dark while working with these bad boys. Always having light where you need it while having both hands free for carrying, cutting, chopping, or whatever you do when its dark out. What’s more, the choice of Neoprene material means a good snug fit for most hands, and button cell batteries ensure the LEDs stay operational for a long time.

Curious? Head on over to the inStash Shop below where you can purchase yourself a pair. If you hurry you’ll even be able to take advantage of a limited time offer!

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Forget Flashlights, LED Gloves Are The Best Way To Illuminate Your Night
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