FLUX could very well be the first consumer-grade 3D printer. What makes FLUX different is that it’s an all-in-one 3d printer, scanner, and laser-engraver. That’s only the beginning though, FLUX’s whole design is based to be modular, allowing users to easily switch out magnet-equipped modules to add to what FLUX is capable of doing. Currently, a dual extruder, ceramics extruder, and pastry extruder (for chocolate, jam, or other edibles) are currently under development with many other modules coming in the future.


Setting up FLUX just takes a couple of minutes and once the printer is connected to your network it can even be operated straight from your smart phone. Users can even design objects on their tablets with their fingers or a stylus and 3d-print them out straight from their devices.

In terms of design, FLUX isn’t bulky or geeky-looking. It’s design is sleek, compact, and you can tell that real attention was paid to making FLUX able to blend into offices or workspaces without being an eye-sore. FLUX has recently been successfully funded with over $1.4 million pledged. Get ready to join the 3d printing revolution sometime in 2015.

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FLUX Is A 3D Printer For The Rest Of Us
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