Unpleasant odors are just a part of life for the vast majority of us. As much as we’d hate to admit that we don’t live immaculately clean and perfect lives, going to the toilet reminds us that we’re only human. With Flushie Spray, however, you can banish foul smelling odors once and for all — making your toilet the pristine throne it was meant to be.

In order to use, simply lift the toilet lid and give your bowl a single spray before each use. The spray will then trap odors beneath the surface and keep them out of the air — ensuring that you won’t suffocate from your own backdoor fumes while usage. An added benefit, for those of us who have roommates or spouses, is that we can make sure that we never get nagged about having used the restroom after eating spicy food ever again.

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Flushie Spray Banishes Unpleasant Toilet Odors For Good
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