Get a Flow Hive Classic 6 Frame and be amazed as fresh and pure honey flows from the hive and directly into your glass. It's not an expensive processing equipment, no heavy lifting needed, no fuss, and definitely no mess. Through its vibrant end-frame view, you can easily see whether the honey is ready without having to open the hive.

The honey extraction process is so placid that the bees will barely notice at all. The process makes it far less traumatic for the bees and made so much easier for you.

The Flow Hive Classic 6 Frame is a Honey Flow signature package that is specifically crafted to give an easy experience in harvesting honey. It can be used by both beginners and experienced beekeepers. The 6 flow frames qualify it to be considered as a groundbreaking honey harvesting technology.

It is built from the finest Hoop Pine (Araucaria) - greatly known for its durability and stability.  The Flow Hive Classic 6 Frame includes a distinctive gabled roof, observation windows, screened bottom board, integrated pest management, and a specially modified Flow Super.

Once purchased, the package will include a printed assembly manual, flow key, queen excluder, inner cover, screened baseboard, brood box with 8 frames, flow tubes, 6 flow frames, Araucaria Super 6, and a gabled roof.

Honey Flow has a patented flow frame technology since 1852, making it one of the most reliable flow hive sellers ever. Significant advancements towards this technology have been made and modified for several years and not a single customer has been compromised. The patented flow frame technology enables you to tap the frame and get honey directly from the hive. It is built in Australia from BPS and BPA free plastic, food-grade, highest quality, and durable flow frames.

With Flow Hive Classic 6 Frame, you can simply turn on the Flow key and wait for the unprocessed, untouched, and pure honey.

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The Revolutionary Flow Hive Classic 6 Frame by Honey Flow
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