Shouldn’t the drone be more personable? The folks behind Fleye think so. Their new drone aims to be more like the classic sci-fi robots of the past, trading in that iconic quadrocopter-inspired drone design for a spherical and safer look. The reason for this approach was to allow Fleye to be touched, pushed, and bumped into without risks of injuring yourself or the drone.


Fleye is fully autonomous (although it can be controlled through a smartphone as well) and features a powerful dual-core ARM A9 computer which is capable of accelerated video encoding thanks to its two GPUs and over 512MB of RAM. Fleye can be programmed to execute its mission autonomous, and it will be able to react and adapt to what it sees in its environment.

You can pre-order Fleye for $599 now on Kickstarter directly. Shipping is slated to begin in September 2016 so make sure you get your orders in quickly before you get pushed to the second wave!

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Fleye Is A Brand New Type Of Personal Drone
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