We all know how cutting with scissors end—un-straight lines that ultimately result in frustration. There’s the cutter and ruler tandem, but this method sacrifices our table or a bunch of papers and still doesn’t give us that straight cut. Guillotine paper cutter is another option, but based on my experience, it rarely gives the desired cut either.

Fiskars, the same company who gave us the hardware snip, offers a reliable solution: the Fiskars Paper Trimmer.

What sets this apart from the other trimmers is the patented TripleTrack System that interlocks the blade and the rail on the board so you get rid of the wobbles when cutting. It also has the SureCut wire cut line that shows you exactly where the blade will cut.

The fact that this is compact and lightweight allows you to take it anywhere you need it—home, office, and any place in between.

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Fiskars Paper Trimmer
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