If you’re like most people reading this right now then we’re willing to bet that you’re still using the same old router that you were using 10 years ago. Let us be the ones to break the news to you: it’s time to trash that thing and get yourself a Gryphon WiFi Router instead. You see, unlike that ratty old box you call a router the Gryphon WiFi Router features advanced built-in security protocols and intrusion detection which is able to recognize hack attempts before immediately quarantining the target device. This bad boy can even check itself for malware!

If you’re a parent, the case for owning the Gryphon is even more strong. You see, no other router is able to let you set screen time limits, pause access altogether, view browsing history, make a safelists of pre-approved sites, and approve new browsing requests in real-time quite like Gryphon does. You’ll be amazed at how simple and effective this router can be at monitoring and keeping your home network safe and sound.

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