Between Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, most of us have gotten pretty good at talking to virtual assistants. Isn’t it about the time that we take the next logical step? The company behind the Kuri Home Robot is hoping to convince you that having a robot assistant in your home is a worthwhile investment. Standing slightly taller than 1.5 feet and weighing just 14 lbs, this lightweight ‘bot has an industrial design that makes it look uncannily familiar to Baymax from Big Hero 6 — not a surprise as a Pixar veteran had his hand at designing Kuri.

Whether or not you see the resemblance, Kuri is certain to surprise you thanks to its powerful motors that allow it to move over just about any indoor surface, including carpet and thresholds. That’s not all though, as Kuri can “hear” you with powerful mics as well as recognize you as its “master” thanks to a 1080p camera. In fact, Kuri can recognize faces, detects objects and automatically map out your house, and also has ultra-powerful speakers that permit it to read stories, play music, and speak its colorful robot “language”. More below.

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