Remember Andy Rubin? He was the man who brought us Android and helped develop the T-Mobile Sidekick before that. Well, he may have departed from Google a couple of years ago but that doesn’t mean that this innovation kingpin is going to step, well, innovating. His newest project is called Lighthouse — and its going to set the world of consumer electronics on fire.


So what exactly does Lighthouse do? Well, the device is much like a Nest Cam in that it monitors what’s going on indoors. That’s where the comparison with Nest ends, though. Lighthouse uses “deep learning and 3D-sensing technology” to determine who is in the home, where they are inside, and if that’s a normal occurrence or not. The camera can also connect to a companion iOS / Android app, allowing users to remotely judge whether or not it’s an intruder in your house or just the Kramer in your life.

There’s a whole lot more to Lighthouse so make sure you check it out via the link below.

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Find Out Why Andy Rubin Left Google To Work On 'Lighthouse' Home Security Camera
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