The Xbox One might have gotten to a rough start but all reports indicate that the plucky little console is catching up to Sony’s PlayStation 4 in sales. The main reason why that is lies within the Xbox One S, the latest iteration on Redmond’s console. For those of you who didn’t read our first write up, here’s a little refresher on what we’ve already said about it:

Equipped with 4K capability, the new Xbox One S is drastically slimmed down with nearly 40% of the bulk of the original One being shaved off. What’s more, the new console offers support for High Dynamic Range gaming as well as UltrA HD Blu-Rays and streaming 4K content from sources like Netflix.

As if all of that wasn’t enough to get your gamer juices flowing, the new Xbox One S has a built-in IR blaster which will allow you to control your TV, stereo, or whatever with your actual console itself. There’s even 2TB of storage and a new enhanced controller!


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